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Application Development / Project Management

If you are looking to have an app built for mobile platforms or for enterprise level deployment you have come to the right place. If you have an Idea or a fully developed RFP or project scope we can help you pick up your project and complete in time and on budget. Our Application Development Team handles projects of all sizes and budgets.

Some Examples just to list a few:

  • iPhone and Android Development
  • MS Windows and Mac Development
  • SQL and MySQL Experts
  • Web App Development
  • SaaS and Cloud Development
  • HIPPA Compliancy Programing
  • ITAR Compliancy Programing

Why we can guarantee a great product:

We have a detailed process to scoping projects that has delivered time and time again a product that is exactly what the customer was looking for. From step one in the project all parties involved are totally aware of the project plan and where the team is with that plan. Building the plan the right way from the beginning is the key. This is also how we can make sure your project ends on time and within budget.

Putting our money where our mouth is:

We offer closed ended quotes on all projects. We believe that if we are going to call ourselves professionals then we need to act like it. A professional should know how long it takes to complete a project and what it is going to take to get there. If we miss judge a part of the scoped project then we should be the ones responsible and not make our customer pay for it. This is why we take such great care in a detailed project scope. You ask what If there is a scope change in the middle of your project? Not a problem we can create a change of scope and quote the change of scope. Your project keeps running on time.

Now Offering Monthly Auto-Pay!

Monthly Auto-Pay via Credit Card

Pro River Technology is now offering Monthly Auto-Pay via your Credit Card for all monthly subscriptions. We have had a large number of customers request the ability to have their monthly subscriptions charged automatically for convenience. There is no charge for this service, simply send an e-mail to and request […]

Pro River Technology VTS Server

“Pro River Technology has Partnered with Chronicle“

Virtualize your Quickbooks Today!

Pro River Technology has worked side by side with Chronicle to build a custom solution for your QuickBooks Environment to be hosted on a redundant cloud solution. This solution has also proven to solve many issues with the Bridge between your QuickBooks Data and Chronicle. The […]

Featured Product Special Offer

Pro River Technology Newsletter July 2012 Issue #5 – Mac vs PC

Featured Product Special Offer – Lenovo Gaming Desktop

Each month we will be including our monthly featured product deal.  These will be desktops, notebooks or accessories at reduced prices.  Limited Supplies available.

July 2012 Featured Product Deal: